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42511 – Dual Laser InfraRed Thermometer

The 42511 is a Dual Laser IR Thermometer. Meter indicates ideal measuring distance. Featuring a 12:1 distance to target ratio where two laser points converge to a 1 in. target spot. Displays continuous and held data on a white backlit dual LCD display. Temperature range from -58 to 1100°F (-50 to 600°C). Complete with pouch case and 9-Volt battery. CE certified.

  • Dual laser for accurate targeting with fast (0.15s) response time
  • At 12″ (30.5cm) distance two laser points converge to 1″ target spot
  • Temperature range: -58 to 1100°F (-50 to 600°C)
  • 0.10 to 1.00 adjustable emissivity increases measurement accuracy for different surface
  • 0.1°F/°C max resolution
Specifications Range
Laser Convergence Distance 12″ (30.5cm)
Range -58 to 1100°F (-50 to 600°C)
Repeatability ±0.5% or 1.8°F/1°C
Basic Accuracy ±(1% of rdg + 2°F/1°C)
Max resolution 0.1°F/°C
Emissivity 0.10 to 1.00 Adjustable
Field of View (Distance to Target) 12:1
Dimensions 5.7x4x1.6″ (146x104x43mm)
Weight 5.7oz (163g)
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