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EX420 – 11 Function Professional MultiMeter

The Extech EX420 is a compact, 11-function autoranging digital multimeter. The EX420 measures AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, diode, continuity, and frequency, all with ±0. 3 percent basic accuracy. The EX420 can also capture Type K temperature readings. These numerous functions enable professionals to carry one meter into the field instead of several. Featuring a large, backlit LCD screen (4,000-count) with easy-to-read, 1-inch-tall digits, the EX420 provides high resolution over wide ranges, low current measuring down to 0.1 µA, as well as input fuse protection and misconnection warnings. Complete with CAT III test leads, multi-position tilt stand, Velcro hanging strap, holster with built-in test lead storage, Type K bead wire temperature probe, 9-volt battery, and user manual.

  • Averaging DMM with 11 functions and 0.3% basic accuracy
  • AC/DC Voltage & Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Temperature, Diode/Continuity, Duty Cycle
  • Input fuse protection and mis-connection warning
  • 20A max Current
  • Type K temperature measurements
  • Data hold, Relative, Auto power off
  • Large-digit backlit LCD
  • Complete with CAT III test leads, tilt stand, protective holster, velcro hanging strap, Type K bead wire temp probe and 9V battery
Specifications Range
Averaging/True RMS Averaging
Basic Accuracy (VDC) ±0.3%
AC Voltage 0.1mV to 750V
DC Voltage 0.1mV to 1000V
AC Current 0.1μA to 20A
DC Current 0.1μA to 20A
Resistance 0.1Ω to 40MΩ
Capacitance 0.01nF to 100μF
Frequency 0.001Hz to 10MHz
Temperature (Type K) -4 to 1382°F (-20 to 750°C)
Duty Cycle 0.1% to 99.9%
Continuity / Diode Yes
Dimensions 7.4×3.2×2″(187x81x50mm)
Weight 0.75lbs (342g)
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