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Fluke 8270A and 8370A Modular High-Pressure Controllers / Calibrators

Widest workload coverage in an automated high-pressure controller

The 8270A and 8370A are automated pneumatic high-pressure controllers that calibrate a wide workload of pressure sensors, covering twice the pressure ranges at twice the speed of other high-pressure controllers.  Two models let you balance price and performance:
  • The 8270A measures and controls pressures from vacuum to 44 MPa (6400 psi).  It can be configured with ranges as low as 100 kPa (15 psi).
  • The 8370A measures and controls pressures from atmosphere to 107 MPa (15 500 psi).  It can be configured with ranges as low as 700 kPa (100 psi).
Fluke Calibration’s unique control technology enables you to use these calibrators at low or high pressures, all in the same instrument. Control precision is 0.002% of active range.
Expand workload coverage to both gas and liquid filled devices by using the optional Contamination Prevention System (CPS).
General specifications
Power requirements 100 V ac to 240 V ac, 47 Hz to 63 Hz
Fuse T 2 A, 250 V
Max power consumption 100 W
Operating ambient temperature range 15 °C to 35 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C to 70 °C
Relative humidity Operating: <80 % to 30 °C, <70 % to 40 °C
Storage: <95 %, non-condensing. A power stabilization period of four days may be required after extended storage at high temperature and humidity.
Vibration MIL-T-28800E
Altitude (operation) <3000 m
Warm up time 15 minutes after power up or module installation, when items previously stored within Operating Ambient Temperature Range.
Ingress protection IEC 60529:IP20
Safety IEC 61010-1, Installation Category II, Pollution degree 2
Weight and Dimensions
Weight (Chassis only) 13 kg (28.5 lbs) / 15 kg (35.25 lbs)
Dimensions Height: 147 mm (5.78 in)
Width: 452 mm (17.79 in)
Depth 488 mm (19.2 in)
Rack mount dimensions 3U-19 inch rack
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
IEC 61326-1 (Controlled EM environment IEC 61326-2-1; CIPR 11: Group 1, Class A
Group 1 equipment has intentionally generated and/or uses conductivity coupled radio-frequency energy which is necessary for the internal functioning of the equipment itself.

Class A equipment is equipment suitable for use in all establishments other than domestic and those directly connected to a low voltage power supply network which supplies buildings used for domestic purposes.

Emissions which exceed the levels required by CISPR 11 can occur when the equipment is connected to a test object. The equipment may not meet the immunity requirements of 61326-1 when test leads and/or test probes are connected.

USA (FCC) 47 CFR 15 subpart B, this product is considered an exempt device per clause 15.103.
Korea (KCC) Class A Equipment (Industrial Broadcasting & Communication Equipment)
This product meets requirements for industrial (Class A) electromagnetic wave equipment and the seller or user should take notice of it. This equipment is intended for use in business environments and not to be used in homes.
Communication Interfaces
Primary Remote Interfaces IEEE, Ethernet, RS-232, USB
System Connection Supports interconnection of 2 or 3 systems
Switch Test Connection Standard BNC Jack:
Nominal 24 V dc isolated drive
Maximum 30 V dc w.r.t.chassis ground
Aux Drivers 4 external Solenoid Drivers
24 V dc Drive (Maximum drive 6 W continuous per channel
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