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Fluke 8588A Reference Multimeter

The 8588A Reference Multimeter is the world’s most stable digitizing multimeter. Designed for calibration laboratories, this long-scale high-precision reference features superior accuracy and long-term stability over a wide measurement range, with an intuitive user interface and a color display.

The 8588A delivers reliable and reproducible measurements with exceptional performance suitable for primary level laboratories. With more than 12 measurement functions, including the new digitize voltage, digitize current, capacitance, RF power, and external shunts for dc and ac current, the 8588A helps you consolidate your lab’s cost of test into a single measurement instrument. Its superb analog performance is augmented by Fluke Calibration’s new high-speed system design and the industry’s fastest direct digitizing capability, enabling significant throughput increase for many automated systems demanding a combination of the highest speed and best accuracy.

The 8588A holds the industry’s best one-year dc voltage accuracy of 2.7 uV/V at 95 % confidence interval, or 3.5 uV /V at 99 %, and best 24-hour stability of 0.5 uV/V (95 %) or 0.65 uV/V (99 %), enabling it to outperform other long-scale reference multimeters on the market. The 8588A further pushes the speed envelope by producing a stable 8.5 digits reading in a mere one second.

The 8588A platform consists of two models:

  • The 8588A Reference Multimeter is designed for calibration and metrology laboratories that require the highest stability for the most accurate measurements to maintain maximum confidence in traceability
  • The 8558A 8.5 Digit Multimeter offers a subset of 8588A functions and features at an extremely competitive accuracy and speed performance.

Each model features a common intuitive user interface with an easy-to-navigate menu structure for all configuration and matching SCPI-compliant commands for an automated environment. In addition, both models support a minimum of 100,000 readings per second at 4.5 digits across GPIB, USB or Ethernet.

  8588A 8558A
DC voltage 100 mV – 1000 V 100 mV – 1000 V
AC voltage 10 mV – 1000 V, 1 Hz – 10 MHz 10 mV – 1000 V, 1 Hz – 10 MHz
Resistance, LoI, HV 1 Ω – 10 GΩ 1 Ω – 10 GΩ
DC current 10 uA – 30 A 10 uA – 2 A
AC current 10 uA – 30 A, 1 Hz to 100 kHz 10 uA – 2A, 1 Hz to 100 kHz
Digitize V
100 mV – 1000 V, 5 MSamples/s, up to 20
100 mV – 1000 V, 5 MSamples/s, up to 20
Digitize I
10 uA – 30 A, 5 MSamples/s, up to 4 MHz BW
10 uA – 2 A, 5 MSamples/s,
up to 4 MHz BW
Frequency (V, I, BNC) 1 Hz to 10 MHz, 1 Hz to 100 kHz, 10 Hz to 100 MHz 1 Hz to 10 MHz, 1 Hz to 100 kHz, 10 Hz to 100 MHz
Temperature PRT / Thermocouple (ext CJC) PRT / Thermocouple (ext CJC)
Capacitance 1 nF – 100 mF No
RF power R&S NRP Series No
Ext. dc current and ac current A40B current shunt and other shunts No
Graphical display Yes Yes
Visual Connection Management ® Yes Yes
Programmable front/rear input switching Yes Yes
Ratio difference, deviation –  ohms, voltage, current Yes Yes
External 10 MHz ref clock, 50 Ω/Hi-Z Yes Yes
A40B and other shunt asset management Yes No
GPIB 488.2, Ethernet, USB TMC Yes Yes
SCPI command compatibility Yes Yes
3458A emulation, 8508A emulation Yes Yes
Volatile memory 15 million 15 million
Level and other trigger Yes Yes
FFT onboard Yes No
Reading rates: 5 MS/s into memory, bus: 100 kS/s at 4.5 digits, 1 rdg/s at 8.5 digits Yes Yes
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