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Fusion Splicer KL-300T

The KL-300T optical fiber fusion splicer is widely used in fusion projects such as backbone networks, power base stations, security monitoring, and communication projects. It’s new 3-in-1 fiber holder disignsuitable for various optical fibers. Provides multiple fiber alignment methods such as core alignment, cladding alignment, and manual alignment. Equipped with a 5-inch 800×480 high-resolution color LCD screen, more convenient to use, and the 360X/180X magnification focusing multiple makes it clearer to observe the core with the naked eye.  Equipped with a 7800mAh large-capacity lithium battery, it can complete up to 260 cycles of splice and heat operations. The application of improved splicing technology makes the splicing time only 9 seconds, and the improved heating technology makes the heating time as fast as 18 seconds. Work efficiency is further improved. In addition, automatic air pressure compensation technology is used to adapt to different altitudes so that it can maintain normal operation in a variety of harsh environments. Combining these advanced performance technologies, KL-300T optical fiber fusion splicer will provide our customers with reliable operating experience.

Features and functions:

9s Splicing, 18s heating

5000 times Electrodes life

Average splice loss: 0.01dB

7800mAh battery capacity, recyclable 260 times splice + heat

Storage of splice results: 10000 results, 100 sets of Images

5″ 800×480 HD LCD display

360X/180X Magnification, fiber core extremely clear

Suitable for SM/MM/DS/NZDS/BIF single core fiber

3-in-1 universal fiber holder. Suitable for jump fiber, pigtail fiber, bare fiber, flat cable

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