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Fusion Splicer KL 360E

KL-360E backbone fiber fusion splicer, with precise core alignment technology and high magnification focus, is one of the reliable fusion splicers on the market. Its new est three-in-one fixture design can splice various optical fibers. Provides multiple fiber alignment methods such as core alignment, cladding alignment, and manual alignment. Equipped with a 5-inch 800×480 high-resolution color LCD screen, it is more convenient for users to use. The 380X/190X magnification focusing factor make the naked eye to observe the fiber core more clearly. The improved welding technology application makes the welding time up to 9 seconds, and the improved heating technology makes the heating time up to 18 seconds. Work efficiency has been further improved. Upgrading optical fiber identification technology, able to recognize the fiber type of the current fusion splicer, abandon the traditional manual selection of fusion splicing mode, and operate more intelligently. In addition, real-time discharge correction technology is adopted, which can automatically calibrate the discharge intensity in line with the current environment according to the environment, with more uniform discharge and lower loss. Combining these advanced performance technologies, KL-360E backbone fiber fusion splicer will provide our customers with a reliable operating experience.

Type KL-360E
Fiber types SM (G652) / MM (G651) / DS (G653) / NZDS (G655) / BIF (G657)
Fiber count Single
Fiber aligning method Meticulous; Core; Clad; Manual
Splicing mode Auto; Calibrate; Normal; Special
Average splicing loss SM: 0.02dB  MM: 0.01dB  DS: 0.04dB

NZDS: 0.04dB

Tube typical splicing time Typical: 9s(SM)
Tube typical heating time Typical: 18s
Splicing program 100(user mode) 53(factory mode)
Heating program 40 (user mode) 11 (factory mode)
Heating control mode Automatic/Manual
Fusion splicing record 10000 groups; Each splicing result include 26 groups parameter and 100 sets of latest image
Tension test 1.96 ~ 2.25N
External port USB
Electrode life 5000 times
Fiber image magnification 380X / 190X
Graphical display 5″ color LCD
Splicing times 260 times (typical)
Battery capacity 5200mAh
Charge mode Internal charge
Power supply AC: 100~240V                              Lithium battery voltage: DC 13.5V
Working environment Altitude: 0~5000m

Temp: -10~50℃

The maximum wind speed: 15m/s

Size(L*W*H) 138 x 160 x 150(mm)
Weight 1.66kg (without battery) 1.99kg (with Battery)
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