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Fusion Splicer KL-380

KL-380 fusion splicer with excellent performance is a reliable and cost-effective product in the communications market. Compact and lightweight(1.61kg without battery); 3-in-1 fiber holder, suitable for 0.25/0.9/3.0mm fiber; Support core/ clad/ manual alignment method; 280x / 140x Magnification, fiber core clearly visible; Fast 9s splicing and 18s heating, improve efficiency; Adopt air pressure automatic compensation technology to adapt to different altitudes, to ensure well operation in a variety of harsh environments; In addition, adopt real-time discharge correction technology which can automatically calibrate the discharge intensity according to the environment, more uniform discharge and lower loss. Combining these advanced performance and technologies, KL-380 fusion splicer will provide customer a better operating experience.

Model KL-380
Fiber Types SM (G652) / MM (G651) / DS (G653) / NZDS (G655) / BIF (G657)
Number of splicing fiber Single fiber
Fiber aligning method Meticulous; Core; Clad; Manual
Splicing mode Auto; Calibrate; Normal; Special
Typical splicing loss SM: 0.02dB  MM: 0.01dB  DS: 0.04dB

NZDS: 0.04dB

Typical splicing time Typical: 9s (SM)
Typical heating time Typical: 18s
Splicing program 100(User mode); 53 (Factory mode)
Heating program   40( User mode); 11( Factory mode)
Heating control mode Automatic / Manual
Storage of splice result 10000 results(26 parameters per result) 100 set of images
 Tension test 1.96 ~ 2.25N
External interface USB
Electrode life                                           5000
Fiber image magnification 280X / 140X
Monitor 4.3in Colorful
Splicing & heating times 260 (Typical)
Battery capacity 5200mAh
Charge mode Internal
Power supply(AC) AC: 100~240V                                   Lithium battery voltage: DC 13.5V
Working environment Altitude: 0 ~ 5000m

Temp.: -10 ~ 50℃

Maximum wind speed: 15m/s

Dimensions 138 x 160 x 144(mm)
Weight 1.61kg (without battery)   1.94kg(with battery)
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