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MN62-K – True RMS Multimeter with AC Voltage Detector Kit

Compact True RMS multimeter includes a free Non-contact Voltage Detector (NCV)! Ideal for troubleshooting appliances, electrical wiring, automotive repair and electronic devices.

  • MN62 – True RMS Multimeter:
    • True RMS for accurate readings of noisy, distorted or non-sinusoidal waveform
    • VFC Low pass filter for accurate measurement of variable frequency drive signals
    • 10 functions including Frequency and Capacitance
    • Built-in non-contact voltage detection with audible beeper indication
    • CAT III-600V category safety rating
  • DV23 – AC Voltage Detector:
    • Safely determine if wires are hot or not
    • Non-Contact AC Voltage detection from 50 to 600V, 50/60Hz
    • Audible and visual red LED light indicator
    • Convenient built-in pocket clip
    • Suitable for testing AC outlets, power cords and branch circuits
    • CAT IV-600V category safety rating
    • Complete with two AAA batteries
Specifications Range Basic Accuracy
Display count 4000 count backlit LCD
DC/AC Voltage 40.00mV, 400.0mV, 4.000V, 40.00V, 400.0V, 600V DC: ±(0.5%+2d), AC: ±(1.0%+3d)
DC/AC Current 40.00mA, 400.0mA, 4.000A, 10.00A DC: ±(0.7%+2d), AC: ±(1.0%+3d)
DC/AC µA 400.0µA, 4000µA
Non-Contact Voltage (NCV) 100 to 600V AC (audible beeper)
Resistance 400.0Ω, 4.000kΩ, 40.00kΩ, 400.0kΩ, 4.000MΩ, 40.00MΩ
Frequency 9.999Hz to 9.999MHz
Capacitance 9.999nF, 99.99nF, 999.9µF, 9.999mF, 99.99mF
Continuity/Diode Yes
Dimensions/ Weight (175 x 80 x 48.5mm)/ 350g (includes batteries)
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