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RT30 – Wireless AC Circuit Identifier (914MHz) with External Probe

NOTE: USA, Mexico, and Canada use 914MHz model and majority of other countries use 869MHz model

  • Combines non-contact voltage and light detection with RF (Radio Frequency) transmission technology
  • Remotely identifies mid-run AC wiring, circuit breakers, switched lines, AC outlets, and light fixtures
  • Non-contact mid-run AC wiring identification without cutting into wires
  • Lighting circuit identification using built-in light sensor
  • Non-contact handheld voltage (NCV) detection
  • External NCV probe can be used to identify wiring in hard-to-reach areas where the transmitting unit cannot fit
  • Complete with transmitter, receiver, remote probe, 4 AAA batteries and case
Specifications Transmitter Unit Receiver Unit
Display Power, Detect, External Probe LEDs Power, Detect, Communications LED
Controls 3-position slide switch 3-position slide switch
Transmission Frequencies (RT30) 914MHz N/A
(RT32) 868MHz N/A
Transmission Distance ~100m in an unobstructed field N/A
Detect Status Visual Visual and Audible
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