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Tektronix TBS2000B Digital Storage Oscilloscope

The TBS2000B is one of the most versatile scopes in its class, providing measurement insights for today’s leading applications, including embedded design, power supply measurement and power management analysis, education and classroom/lab instruction, and more. As a valuable tool for educators, the TBS2000B enables instructional professionals to devote more time to teaching engineering students and less time to laboratory and instrument setup. It’s the perfect complement to today’s engineering bench: versatility, accuracy, and priced at an affordable value.

See more, in a big way.

When you see more signal, you find anomalies faster. With an impressive 9-inch WVGA display and 15 horizontal divisions —allowing you to see 50% more signal—the TBS2000B digital storage oscilloscope not only helps you see the big picture, it gives you a clearer picture. A 5-million point record length lets you capture long time windows with higher timing resolution. Plus, the updated front-panel waveform navigation controls let you can easily pan and zoom through long records.

Measure accurately, easily and automatically.

The TBS2000B digital storage oscilloscope is loaded with easy-to-use features. The new front end design with higher 2GS/s sample rate offers lower noise and higher effective bits for more accurate measurements. With 32 automated measurements, you can measure the most commonly-needed parameters easily and more accurately. Analyze your signals with new on-waveform cursor readouts – just like a textbook.

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