About us

“Lab Test” Closed Joint Stock Company was founded on October 8, 2020. Our company is engaged in the sale of goods and materials used in the construction market in the supply sector, and offers its customers industrial and household equipment and their spare parts, electric tools, welding materials, etc. offers a wide portfolio of goods and services. As a result of its professional, honest and high-quality activity, our enterprise has won the sympathy of many state enterprises.

In order to efficiently meet the complex and expanding needs of our customers, we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology by offering the newest electrical and home products and services available. From small projects to complex industrial projects, we offer supply chain management and value-added inventory solutions.

At the same time, “Lab Test” JSC is not satisfied only with the domestic market and is active in the direction of entering foreign markets
We cooperate with the world’s leading manufacturers to provide customers with high-quality electrical and household appliances, excellent technical support and service. Our goal is to closely cooperate with customers, gain their trust and confidence, and maintain our leadership in this field.